What we are working on: Dec. 10

Here are the stories we’re working on today. Our daily coverage can change at a moment’s notice, but this is what we have so far. If you know of any stories we should be working on, or can contribute to something we have listed here, drop an email to the reporter listed below or to news@yorkdispatch.com.


Follow up on Delta fire that left half the borough without power. Reporter: Liz Evans. (levans@yorkdispatch.com)

Follow up on train/car collision. Reporter: Greg Gross. (ggross@yorkdispatch.com)

Court round-up. Reporter: Liz Evans. (levans@yorkdispatch.com)

Follow on dispute between Rest Haven and the property owner. Reporter: Chris Kauffman. (ckauffman@yorkdispatch.com)

Hearing for sports-oriented charter school proposed in York City. Reporter: Andy Shaw. (ashaw@yorkdispatch.com)

90th birthday for Sonnewald Nature owner Grace Lefever. Reporter: Eyana McMillan. (emcmillan@yorkdispatch.com)

Follows from Thursday’s York City Council budget hearing. Reporter: Erin James. (ejames@yorkdispatch.com)

Home sales report due Monday. Reporter: Candy Woodall. (cwoodall@yorkdispatch.com)

U.S. Rep. Todd Platts is working on House version of legislation protecting BAE contracts. Reporter: Candy Woodall. (cwoodall@yorkdispatch.com)


Editorial: Code of conduct for York County employees isn’t a bad idea — but the commissioners lack authority over all workers and the code lacks consequences. (pdelany@yorkdispatch.com)


Dick VanOlinda will have high school sports column. (dvanolinda@yorkdispatch.com)

Householder’s dirt track column. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

One girls’ basketball game. Trinity at West York (sports@yorkdispatch.com) With ART.

One wrestling match. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

One boys’ basketball game. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Two ice hockey games. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

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