What we are working on: Feb. 5

Here are the stories we’re working on today. Our daily coverage can change at a moment’s notice, but this is what we have so far. If you know of any stories we should be working on, or can contribute to something we have listed here, drop an email to the reporter listed below or to news@yorkdispatch.com.


Court round-up. Reporter: Liz Evans (levans@yorkdispatch.com)

Local lawmakers react to Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget presentation. Reporter: Chris Kauffman (ckauffman@yorkdispatch.com)

Reaction to Corbett’s transportation plan. Reporter: Chris Kauffman (ckauffman@yorkdispatch.com)

What does the governor’s budget plan mean for schools? Reporter: Andy Shaw (ashaw@yorkdispatch.com)

A candidate has surface for a district justice seat in York City Reporter: Andy Shaw (ashaw@yorkdispatch.com)

Press conference on WellSpan’s $600,000 donation to York City’s new police headquarters. Reporter: Erin James (ejames@yorkdispatch.com)

Sen. Bob Casey has proposed giving York and Lancaster counties National Heritage Area status. Reporter: Chelsea Shank. (cshank@yorkdispatch.com)

Covering Ravens victory parade in Baltimore. Reporter: Chelsea Shank. (cshank@yorkdispatch.com)


Editorial: Tom Corbett’s budget proposal. (pdelany@yorkdispatch.com)

Larry Hicks column: Yorkers’ frugality helps them weather tough economic times.. (pdelany@yorkdispatch.com)


Steve Heiser column on Penn State football recruiting. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

York-Adams League basketball tournament pairings should be set after Tuesday’s final league games. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Dick VanOlinda will cover Susquehannock at York Suburban boys’ game. (dvanolinda@yorkdispatch.com) With ART.

John Walk will cover Bermudian at Eastern York boys’ game. (jwalk@yorkdispatch.com)

Ryan Vandersloot will cover West York at Red Lion girls’ game. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Boys’ basketball: 12 games from Tuesday. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Girls’ basketball: 14 games from Tuesday. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Swimming: Two meets from Tuesday. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Bowling: One match from Tuesday. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

PSY basketball doubleheader from Tuesday. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

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