What we are working on: March 8-10

Here are the stories we’re working on today. Our daily coverage can change at a moment’s notice, but this is what we have so far. If you know of any stories we should be working on, or can contribute to something we have listed here, drop an email to the reporter listed below or to news@yorkdispatch.com.


Store clerk stabbed during robbery in Spring Garden Township. Reporter: Liz Evans (levans@yorkdispatch.com)

Court round-up. Reporter: Liz Evans (levans@yorkdispatch.com)

Central York students getting a lesson in the dangers of texting and driving. Reporter: Andy Shaw (ashaw@yorkdispatch.com)

Local man was on Price is Right Friday. Reporter: Andy Shaw (ashaw@yorkdispatch.com)

Nonprofit Innovation awards announced. Reporter: Eyana McMillan (emcmillan@yorkdispatch.com)

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program is being offered at 10 sites around York County. Reporter: Eyana McMillan (emcmillan@yorkdispatch.com)

Elizabeth Tyler will be recognized for her volunteerism during the 21st Annual Four Chaplains Prayer Breakfast at 7 a.m. Wednesday, May 8, at the Yorktowne Hotel, 48 E. Market St. in York City. Reporter: Eyana McMillan (emcmillan@yorkdispatch.com)

Harrisburg broke tradition this year by scheduling its St. Patrick’s Day Parade on the same day as York’s. Some performers have had to choose between the two cities, but spectators shouldn’t notice too much. Reporter: Erin James (ejames@yorkdispatch.com)

Restaurant inspections. Reporter: Candy Woodall (cwoodall@yorkdispatch.com)

Asthma Olympics Sunday. Reporter: Greg Gross (ggross@yorkdispatch.com)


Editorial: Thumbs up/thumbs down (pdelany@yorkdispatch.com)

Larry Hicks column: A lesson to be learned in friend’s DUI arrest. (lhicks@yorkdispatch.com)


John Walk column, likely on the just-completed state high school wrestling tournament. (jwalk@yorkdispatch.com)

Weekend dirt-track roundup. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Bryan Householder’s dirt-track column. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Dick VanOlinda may have story looking ahead to second round of state basketball action. (dvanolinda@yorkdispatch.com)

Ryan Vandersloot may have Sports Q&A with York County Hall of Fame bowler. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

NASCAR race from Las Vegas. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

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