Meet the Junior Dispatch coloring contest winners

Jordyn, left, and Lexi show off their prizes as winners in the Junior Dispatch coloring contest.

A few months ago, Junior Dispatch hosted a coloring contest in conjunction with our Iditarod coverage and our “Little White Fox” reading project.

A few weeks ago, we announced the winnners and just last week we were able to get all of our huskies in a row to hand out the prizes — two stuffed animals!

We got more than 60 entries in the contest, but both the winners submitted through the York Jewish Community Center’s after school program.

The winners are Jordyn, left, and Lexi, right. If you look close, you will see that accompanying them in the picture is Arizona, one of the JCC’s pet snakes! See their winning coloring pages here.

Check out all of our JD-exclusive coloring pages here.

And start preparing your entries for our next big event: A creative writing contest! Read all the details here.

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